Decisions, Decisions

Boy are they hard! I wish all decisions were as easy as choosing between chocolate and sprouts. Whilst I love both, chocolate would win hands down for me!

So I have come to the conclusion that I need to start thinking more seriously about coming to a decison as to what I am going to do about uni/work. Currently I am studying a Bachelor of Education full time and whilst I find it somewhat… enlightening!? And can very much apply it to my life at the moment, with my daughter. I am not *enjoying* it per se.

So I need to check out my options and somehow decide what I am going to do to ensure my daughter and I have the best future possible and we have enough money for the things we need {it would be FAB if we had some money for *some* of the things we want too}.

I guess I should start with what my options are.

1. Stay with Bach Education FT and no job and look forward to a job and money in 2014.
2. Stay with Bach Education but do it PT and get a FT job. {though that poses a problem around pracs}
3. Switch to Bach Business (accelerated) FT and finish in 2 years
4. Switch to Bach Business PT and get a FT job
5. Pick a different Bach {i.e. one that I think would be more “me” even if it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a certain income but one that I know I will enjoy} and choose to do it either PT with a job or FT without a job.

Well, that is what I have come up with so far. I think I’ll do a pros/cons list tonight and then focus on the two most likely choices using De Bono’s thinking hats.

Opinions, thoughts or considerations are welcome!

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